This pic just makes me want to do evil things to whoever created this abortion!!!!

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Dec 2, 2005
why? pink's a perfectly reasonable colour for the desert, heck the RAF even painted entire PRU spitfires in pink for sunrise/sunset operations and they look pretty good, and what did the RAF call the pink they painted their PRU aircraft in... PRU Pink :rolleyes:
I think it's the flourescent lighting. But I have to agree, the coloring looks off and the lips and eye don't look authentic. Thus the rather effeminate looking paint job.
Which could be why the Brit SAS used to drive Land Rover Pinkies.


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About the B-25 story,

Seems almost a miracle those two engines got started again. I mean the weight of gravity so high and they so story.

If I was looking for a P-40, I would go for a differant plane. I don't wish the owner of this plane ill will, except perhaps my suprise.

It would be a good plane for my sister, who likes pink.
In Desert Storm the RAF, who flew ultra low level strikes, painted Tornados and Jaguars pink so there's definitely a solid reason for it.

I had an uncle shot down and captured in Lybia during WW2 flying a Kittyhawk. I suspect this one flew with operation Torch.
The only color better than pink for desert operations believe it or not is grey. We were going to paint our Blackhawk grey when we were in Iraq but they decided the cost was not worth it.
a guy on a pink panther would be so hard he could just rip himself new organs out of the guy he just killed before cutting out his own and sewing the new one in, that's how hard he is ;)
He's tough.

How Tough...

His mother used to rock him to sleep....
With real rocks.

PS. If you want a real nice shade of desert pink, go have a look at the colors used on the RAF Buccaneers in the Gulf War Part 1.
Aw you know... Hot'n'High runway length requirements.

Probably needed a ten mile runway in that heat. Cool pic...

Come to think of it, I'm more interested in those Hunters in the background. Where was this that still operates Hunters ?

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