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Dec 1, 2004
I got a project to do in art class, and I decided to make a pecil drawing of the fighters of famous pilots who were killed in action. All of them will be flying off in the sunset.

I need some good pics of some of these birds' markings. They dont have to be detailed, I just need the squadron numbers.

The title of the picture will be from one of my favorite books-"All the world is your playground now-this earth and sky beyond. Only the twinkling stars are your boundary lights, and your runways reach to the sun."
Let us know how many aces you intend to draw, and whether you want a smaple from all the combatants, only allied, or only US.
Few thousand*phew* No, I dont know that many pilots, I was hoping some of you guys could thow some names around. I'm really gong to need some help with german pilots and russian pilots and planes.I dont know squat about Russian pilots.
This commisioned piece hangs in the NZ Army Museum at Waiouru by Graham Braddock.

It depicts the uniforms of the Army since its earliest days, trhough all of the conflicts.

Is this the sort of thing you are thinking of?



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No, I wanted the Markings of some of the famous pilots in the eto, that were kia.

Mabe I will do it by Fighter type...3 mustang pilots, 3 109s, 3 fw190s, ya get the Idea...
I cant draw bombers that well because of ALL...THOSE...ENGINES!!!!

But I'll try to put a lanc in there just for you...:)

but you gotta give me a pic of a famous one...

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