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    Hey, I'm back and just installed IL-2 1946.

    Wondering how everyone dispatches of the enemies before they shoot you down. I was going to post this on the ubi forums but my threads keep disappearing after a few days for some reason even thought it's a nice friendly talk.

    Anyway, i made a quick mission flying against AI veteran La-7's and after some tries, my 3 average wingmen and myself got 1 and 3 Lalas respectively with relative ease. My aiming, i thought, however, needed some polishing as everytime i dropped my spit's flaps and made them overshoot, i could get right back on their tales but i'd miss a lot.

    So i set up another mission... this time with 4 Ju-87B's, 4 G's and 4 He111's. I started attacking the smallest ones - the Ju87Bs. I dove from about 3.00 away from high 6 at a near 50 degree angle at about 60% throttle, trimmed slightly down when necessary. Guns were setup to converge at 220m and so, i got my spitfire Mk.VIII (non-clipped wing) into position at around 0.30 - 0.20 from the target. I let out a burst of only my 2 hispanos so as not to shake the plane. No damage, but i at least 5 shots are seen hitting the plane. After i get rid of the Ju87B's, i attack the G's in the same manner. they never take damage despite how many times i hit them while they fire just TWO MG shells and my engine sets on fire. Lucky hit, i assume so wen i start again the same thing happens.

    I don't even want to start talking about the Heinkels.

    Also, more often than not, i can't seem to get my plane into the right position, then i just end up overshooting. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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