Two Mosquito losses over Rumania

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Jan 24, 2010
Hello fellows, I have one question. Two german pilotes of the III.JG 77 in Rumania 1944 claimes a reccon-Mosquito. One was Hans Riedel in early August ( mentioned in Prien, JG 77 Volume 4 ), the other claimed by Johann Twietmeyer ( a diary of him actually read in german at Youtube, bacuffz : Mein Leben als Jagdflieger im JG 77 1943-44 ). Could someone confirm these claims , are there losses of the RAF from June until August ? Regards, Achi
Aug.03, 1944: Ltn Hans Riedel shoots down Mosquito, Liegplatz. Nothing about Twietmeyer yet. No mention of him in Luftwaffe Officer Carrier Summaries but then he may not be an officer. JG 77 made two other Mosquito claims, but these weren't your boys, they were in '43 and no location was given. The search continues...........
For all of 1944, I have Unteroffizier (sergeant) Johann Twietmeyer making 3 claims, one Mustang, one Lightning and one Thunderbolt. This and the above post may or may not be correct but that's all I have
My database on Mosquito fates produced by Mark Huxtable contains no entires between August 1 and 6 that match the described circumstances. The recorded losses for that period are all nowhere near Roumania.

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