Udet Fokker dr1 593/17 pictures and LO!

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aurelien wolff

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Sep 20, 2018
Hello, I'm quite tempted to take the du doch nicht! box by eduard with the junkers 52 in 2 weeks, I've been doing some research and I wonder if pictures exist of this plane because google doesn't give any. I'm thinking of adding custom decals to make it with the complete "LO!", not just the paint guide.

Source: Eduard Kit No. 11137 - Du Doch Nicht!! Ernst Udet’s Aircraft - Albatross D.V/Va, Fokker Dr.I, Fokker D.VII Review by John Miller
Thanks for your answers!
Ah... I see now. I don't think ther eis the shot showing the entire Udet's kite. But there is and excerption from the book for the Richthofen's Flying Circus ... it is used as the caption for the pic with Udet in the Fokker Dr.1 cockpit.


So the size of the bigger "LO!" is speculative , same with what the chevron look like I guess (?).
Thanks! For the DVII, I think I'll adapt one of the schemes to the prototype variant, same for the albatros.
Indeed that's speculative but very possible though.
According to the pic caption it was taken in June 1918 so the cross should be the same like in the profile above
Ok! It seem eduard made the bigger "LO!" too big compare to the pic you posted tho, I'll have to ask someone from my modelist club or forum to make custom decals.
Here is a couple shots more of his planes I found via the net ...

Fokker Dr.1 586/17
Fokker Dr1  Dr586_17.jpg

Fokker Dr1  Dr586_17_.jpg

Albatros D.V D4476/17 and D.Va
albatros D V  D4476_17.jpg

Albatros DVa 1918.jpg

Fokker D.VII D4253/18 and another one with the schewron and inscription on the tail
Fokker DVIIF  D4253-18.jpg

Fokker DVII.jpg
Thanks! The albatros will be the black one adapted on a prototype, for the DVII I'm verry tempted to go with this one
Ok! It seem eduard made the bigger "LO!" too big compare to the pic you posted tho, I'll have to ask someone from my modelist club or forum to make custom decals.
I'm confused : Isn't the caption of the picture saying that there was a 'smaller' version of the LO outline made before the bigger one ? Isn't that why eduard would have made a larger one to represent the normal (larger) outline ?
I compared eduard profile with the picture provided by wurger of the plane and the small LO! seem to be in a different position than on eduard profile.
Additional note .. there is no trace of the large "LO!" next to the small marking in the pic above. So... it is very likely the large one wasn't applied together with the small "LO!" marking. Therefore it would be possible to move it more back on the fuselage.

And The Fokker D.VII "LO!" ...


the source: the net.
The bigger LO! seems more speculative indeed, the pic above is what I'm going for, is there a debate on wehter the white chevron was under the stabilizer or not on this plane? I think instead of the junkers 52 or fokker! fokker!, I'll get the book jasta color volume 1 with eduard 1/72 scale du doch nicht, the book will help me since I got more than 1 1/48 scale roden DVII (and I'll avoid the complain of getting too much model since on friday, I got myself a concorde and a tupolev 144 from revell both at 1/144 scale while visiting the sinsheim museum).

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