Uh oh, crazy picture!

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Nov 3, 2004
Praga Mater Urbium
Just sent to me by a freind of mine... He says: "the black things are the shadows, the white things are the camels."
It's surely some kind of an optical fallacy but I still don't get it...
Anyone can explain this?


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hmmm kittie on acid ? Pisis what have you been droppin on the floor man ? shame on you
Pisis you've been to central America correct ? :D yeah they thought that big pipe you were smokin was a musical instrument alright ............

cool dude ! 8) where the hash ?
no kidding, must be a special blend of herbs and spices mixed with some bad .......... well lets just say doobie. ah but the bozo has car keys in hand for the big one

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