Umm, I am bored - made some skins... still in progress...

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Jul 17, 2005
:idea: :?: any comments. suggestions. tips? thanks :rolleyes: ;)
yeah...... i guess lol in dah mood to put dah chick on there....shes pretty :p
Great idea! (but...ummm... i dont think its gonna happen...)btw i am makin a flame spit fire right now so it should be done by the weekend i think....yeah
cheddar cheese said:
It would be great camouflage over a nudist beach which for some reason had black volcanic sand :rolleyes:

i think a normal beach would do.. since she's not nude :p anyway, i really like that skin :)
can i download it somewhere already? ^_^
Yes! you can mail it to me if you want :)
[email protected] ^_^
i wish i could do something like that.. but i dont have the patience for that :(

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