Un-Used Avro Lancaster Serials

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Aug 11, 2006
New Zealand
Hi guys.

I've been working on my Pathfinder Force story, "Squadron Leader", and I'm a bit stuck at the moment. Would any of you guys know where I could find a list
of un-used Avro Lancaster serials, because I have an inkling that the one I've
used for Avro Lancaster B.Mk.I "The Lucky One", LM428, was used during the war. Any help on this subject is appreciated.

Thanks again.

It was standard practice during the war to leave gaps in serial numbers to keep jerry guessing about how many we'd produced when he got his hands on some serials, so there're plenty of gaps to choose from, and LM428 was used, on a 50sqn lanc lost to Berlin on 28th January 1944...........

what i'll do beause it's easier is give you all the serial numbers ever issued to lancs in the order of when the production orders were given, just pick a serial number that doesn't fall within any of these ranges, gaps also exist within the serial ranges given, if you want me to try and find an un-issued number within a particular range you like the look/sound/date of i can try that later as well...........

L7276- L7584 Mk.I
R5482- R5763 Mk.I
R5768- R5917 Mk.I (mostly from manchesters)
W4102- W4700 Mk.I
W4761- W5012 Mk.I/III
DS601- DS852 Mk.II
DV155- DV407 Mk.I/III
ED303- EE202 Mk.I/III
FM100- FM299 Mk.X
HK535- HK806 Mk.I
JA672- JB748 Mk.III
KB700- KB999 Mk.X
LL617- LM296 (ordered as Mk.Is and IIIs, delivered as Mk.Is and IIs)
LM301- LM756 Mk.IIIs (including 10 Mk.Is)
ME295- ME551 Mk.I/III
ME554- ME868 Mk.I
ND324- NE181 Mk.III
NF906- NG503 Mk.I
NN694- NN816 Mk.I
NX548- NX974 Mk.I VII
PA158- PA835 Mk.I
PA694- PD196 Mk.I/III (including the B.I Specials)
PD198- PD444 Mk.I
PP663- PP918 Mk.I
RA500- RA806 Mk.I (inlcluding many Lincolns)
RE100- RF119 Mk.I (including many Lincolns)
RF120- RF599 Mk.I/III
RS102- RS225 (never built)
RT140- RT456 (never built)
RT670- RT750 Mk.VII
ST477- ST790 (never built)
SW243- SW279 Mk.I
SW283- SW316 Mk.I/III
SW319- SW377 Mk.III
SX558- SX921 (never built)
TG758- TG799 (never built)
TW647- TW911 Mk.I (FE)
TW915- TW929 Mk.I/I (FE)
TX623- TX290 Mk.III/ Lancastrian C.IV
Numerous Lancastrians and Lincolns followed
Thanks for that Lanc! :)

Ok, I've had a look, and now it's B.Mk.I Avro Lancaster, serial RT408, of #685 (Melrose Isles) Squadron, 8 Group, Bomber Command. By the way, would it be
ok if all of 685 Squadron (my false Pathfinder squadron) to be numbered in the
RT serial range? Thanks again.

RT408 was never going to be issued, it falls within one of the gaps in serials to fool jerry so that's ok, however that entire production batch that was cancelled were to be Mk.VII, it's only fantasy and only real nerds would pick you up on it but depending on how accurate you're wanting to be you may wish to pick a different serial or change the mark designation............

out of interest what time frame are we looking at for this to all be occouring? and you can forget about an entire squadron being formed from one production batch- never gonna happen! and be careful of picking some RT serials, 30 were actually made in the RT range..........
Hi Lanc! :)

"Squadron Leader" takes place throughout 1944, with the lead character, S/L Jimmy Gates, DSO, DFC, RNZAF, on his third tour with Pathfinders. So, what I want to know is what "never built" serials were for cancelled Mark I orders?

Thanks, Lanc.
Tough call- only one production batch of Mk.Is were cancelled, RS102- RS225, however they weren't announced to be Mk.Is until early 1944..........
Hey Lanc!

Thanks again!

So when was the "RS102-RS225" batch announced to be Mk.I's?? "Squadron Leader" starts on New Years' Day 1944, with Jimmy bringing his old plane back
from a raid over Germany, and writing it off, and getting this one.

they were originally to be Mk.IV and V (Lincolns) in December 1943, it wasn't until February/March 1944 time they were reverted to Mk.Is, and only a week or two later the production order was cencelled before production began... here's an idea-

the LL617- LM296 batch was interesting as it included 100 Mk.IIs and 350 Mk.Is, there's a gap within the Mk.Is of LL977- LM100 so you could pick one in that gap, as they were delivered from November 1943 to August 1944 so it fits in time wise, the order was placed in April 1943 and they were produced by Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft.........

Have you contacted the Sir Kieth Park museum at MOTAT in Auckland.

There are still some guys there as helpers who were in bomber command.

(Wednesday is there day at MOTAT.)
Hi Lanc!

This time, I hope LL977 is not used, because I think it's the best serial number
for "The Lucky One" yet. Hope you can tell me if it was used during the war...

And k9kiwi, who at M.O.T.A.T was in Bomber Command?? I am going up to Auckland in September, for my birthday, to visit their Avro Lancaster.

sorry about the delay in reply but i've been off the site for a while, LL977 was used, LL978 was the earliest that was unused........

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