US Navy Report on Japanese Fuel and Lubricants - 1946

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Jul 13, 2020
Massachusetts, USA, Earth
Hi all! I am not sure where to post this, and I am not sure if it has already been posted, so staff please feel free to remove or move if necessary. I found this document about 15 minutes ago while looking up what octane aviation fuel the Japanese used during WW2. Please enjoy :)


  • USNTMJ-X-38_N-2.pdf
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Very interesting and nice clean microfilm extracts. I was not aware of the USNTMJ reports - I must check further when time permits

The rest are at IWM archives in Duxford, UK.

Annoyingly I didnt have time to copy them when I was there, and due to the virus now shut. I expect it will open again sometime, so after that, you`ll find them all there. I just copied the covers and a very small percentage of the contents so I could find them again.... :facepalm:


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