1. Dronescapes

    The B-29 Superfortress against Japan

    The B-29 Superfortress against Japan https://youtu.be/vqAagJpVJ08
  2. Dronescapes

    Enola Gay. Boeing's B-29 Superfortress - Missions that changed the world

  3. Dronescapes

    Flying Tigers | Full Documentary | WW2 Missions

    The American volunteer flyers who fought for China against the Japanese invasion were known as the 'Flying Tigers.' They saw their first combat on December 20th, 1941. They had originally thought this would be earlier, but various delays meant that it happened a few days after the US and Japan...
  4. Dronescapes

    Flying Tigers Part 3/3 | Documentary

    MISSIONS THAT CHANGED THE WAR: The Flying Tigers Part 3. Narrated by Gary Sinise.
  5. Dronescapes

    The Flying Tigers. A documentary

    Part 1 of the Flying Tiger's documentary. Enjoy!
  6. E

    Japanese schräge musik

    Both Germany and Japan came to use a similar solution for their nightfighters: obliquely mounted cannons. As far as I'm able to find, both came roughly at the same time (1943, japanese slightly latter) but I do not come across any source that stated that there was any knowledge transfer between...
  7. pops-paolo

    What your Favorite LATE WAR prop fighter says about you

    I love Italian planes to the point of death but Brodie i ain't gonna lie the British planes were insane. If you like the Spitfire Mk.14 probably, the best, plane like you are respectable if you like that plane Next is the TA-152 if you like this plane you got to go, you gotta go you are a...
  8. pops-paolo

    Macchi C.205 Vs. A6M5

    I think the Macchi is better since it was much faster had a much better armament with more ammo (compared to the original a6m5, not its variants which had even worse flight performance). It has a Competitive (not better) climb rate and turns time compared to the a6m5 but the Macchi has a...
  9. contrails16

    US Navy Report on Japanese Fuel and Lubricants - 1946

    Hi all! I am not sure where to post this, and I am not sure if it has already been posted, so staff please feel free to remove or move if necessary. I found this document about 15 minutes ago while looking up what octane aviation fuel the Japanese used during WW2. Please enjoy :)
  10. F

    Japanese Airfields

    How were Japanese airfields defended in the Pacific area? What armory, how many people were available to defend them,...?
  11. Luftace43

    1/48 Arii (Otaki) Ki-43 Hayabusa (Finished!!)

    Decided to try to finish another model I started a year ago. I had gotten discouraged by lack of reference photos and information to accurately build the cockpit layout of the Ki-43-ii otsu that this kit represents. There is only one known photo of the Ki-43-ii cockpit and the layout differed...
  12. Z

    Please Help Me Determine the Value of This Aluminum Skin

    Hi everyone, After owning this great piece of WW2 history for the past 37 years, I've decided to put it up for sale. Clearly, there is no precedent to go by to determine its' value. I hope you can help me with this. This was the version with the folding wing tips for carrier duty. This is...
  13. Wayne Little

    Japan Holiday

    Hi Guys, just dropping to say Hi, and and let you know My wife and I are currently in Japan on holiday. At the moment we are on the Hikari Shinkansen from Tokyo bound for Hiroshima. Cheers Wayne
  14. P

    A Japanese Me-109

    The link below provides a rare photo of a Me-109 used by Japan, with the mark of the Rising Sun emblazoned on the fuselage. Does anyone know if Japan used German fighters in combat? The link also features a selection of photos unimaginable for the High Command of the Luftwaffe at the beginning...
  15. oldcrowcv63

    B-29 crew rescue

    USN sub crew member films startling rescue of an entire B-29 crew fatally damaged over Japan in 1945. All 12 crew men bailed out and were picked up by the sub. Extraordinary that none were lost. Viral Player
  16. gjs238

    What if: No oil embargo placed on Japan by China, United States, Britain, and Dutch?

    What might have transpired had the oil embargo on Japan not occurred?
  17. Shinpachi

    Prince William Arrives in Japan!

    Though it's only 4 days visit, he is enthusiastically welcomed by Japanese people now. His cute smile certainly reminds us of his mother, late Lady Diana, who fascinated people so much 29 years ago too. Wishing the eternal glory and prosperity for him and his family, From local news...
  18. Snautzer01

    Line Up Of Japanese Aircraft At An Airport Near Kyoto, Japan. September 1945

  19. syscom3

    70 years ago, the battle of Samar Straight

    70 years ago, the greatest fight between a numerically inferior force against a Goliath took place. The US kicked the asses of the IJN fleet off of Samar. A salute to you veterans of the battle. You are in the very last twilight years of your lives, and a final salute to you is in order! Well...
  20. gjs238

    Defeating Japan without South West Pacific campaign and Douglas MacArthur

    Would the Central Pacific island hopping campaign under Admiral Chester Nimitz have defeated Japan without the South West Pacific campaign under General Douglas MacArthur?