USN quad 50 mount

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Jun 4, 2005
Orange County, CA
I was just watching the History channel, and they had some footage aboard a USN ship during WW2 that had a quad 50 caliber mounting.

Its not like the Army quad mounting.

This had all four guns in a row, with the center two raised up several inches from the two outboard guns. All guns each had an ammo can similar to a 20mm drum. In fact, the drums almost looked like small trash cans (no kidding). It looked like it was man handled by one sailor with attendent loaders.

Anyone have info on this? It sure looked neat, although it must have been to large for one sailor to handle.

And no.... this did not look like the 1.1" guns the navy had early in the war.
I know that a few PT boats had quad .50's but I couldn't tell you if it was this type or the army version.

That may help
lesofprimus said:
Woulda been great against kamikaze....

Not sure about that. When kamikaze appeared in the skies, the number of Bofors guns were increased and Oerlikons - lowered. It was the range of fire that caused it.

But I have no info on quad 50 mount :(
All though I like it as a close range AA weapon I think lack of range is also what let the Pom Pom down
I think the USN went to a 3" AA gun system after 1945 to replace the 40's and 20's. The planes were being destroyed, pilots killed, but the wreckage was going on ballistic trajectories and still hitting the ships.

They wanted something to blast it apart before it got to close to cause damage.

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