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Jan 25, 2016
Can anyone tell me who the artist is that did this VF-27 Hellcat artwork. I need the name to get his permission to use it in a book I am writing on VF-27 in WW II. Thanx.


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I'd email asisbiz . com, link at the bottom of the page. You need permission to use the artwork on their webpage, unless they commissioned it, then they would for sure have the artists details.
asisbiz . com
Is by far the site that uses blunt copies from books etc. You should hear writers about it.
It is a very dark joke to ask permission to use a perhaps stolen artwork to use yourself.
Get the books were the are from, ask publisher.
Hi Mike 1950. I do believe there are a few shots already posted here. Where else would I have seen them? Try the search function in the Forum by typing your query.

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