Video Of The Reggiane Re.2000 “Falco” Recovery


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Apr 10, 2009
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Video is in Italian

The wreck was located for the first time in April of 2012 , by divers of the Italian Navy Mine Countermeasures Unit of La Spezia during a training exercise . The desire of the Ministry of Defence to recover the aircraft , the subsequent restoration and a possible exhibition in a museum , remained for a while a dream due to the high cost of the operation. Recently, however, as the Italian Air Force has manifested the interest in the recovery Dr. Silvio Bartolotti , Chief Executive Officer of the company Micoperi – a world leader in the sector, already engaged in the recovery of the ship Concordia – has offered to provide help for the recovery free of charge.

In the days preceding the dive, several underwater inspections were performed using a special camera wire-guided (so-called ” ROV “) by the Micoperi divers.The wreck was thoroughly inspected , then the aircraft was secured to a flat platform structure , previously built ​​by Micoperi.The platform was then raised from the seabed with a crane (thus avoiding dangerous traction on the fuselage of the wreck ) and positioned at the bed of the pontoon ” Micoperi 30 ” . The different stages of the wreck recovery , constantly monitored and coordinated by the Operational Services of the La Spezia harbor.

The Air Force Museum at Vigna di Valle plans to recover and restore the historic aircraft operating as far as possible , using the same construction techniques and materials used by Reggaiane. Some of the more noticeable restoration projects of the Italian Air Force Museum are the reconnaissance biplane Ro.43 MM.27050 recovered from Centocelle (Rome) in 1972, a scout Ro.37 found in Afghanistan. Both on permanent display at the Museum , the Reggiane RE.2002 is nearing completion.


Nov 16, 2008
Excellent news. It would be great to see that one running but I'm not holding my breath.

Maybe if Berlosconi kicked in some cash.....


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Feb 28, 2010
they keep fishing these things out of the sea....has anyone looked in the fresh water lakes in europe? with all the battles that took place over and around dummer lake you would think it would be full of carcases of planes from just about every country. granted, most would be pancaked from going in from high alt....but there should be some that bellied in or went in from lower alts. there was a huge lake in eastern europe that had a bunch of air battles fought over.
i do know a guy in china who told me they know the resting sopt of one of the AVGs p-40s. its in a lake not far under the water...but covered in 15 feet of silt. plans are underway to ressurect it. the AVG is still regarded as heros among the chinese. i do hope they are successful.


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Feb 28, 2010
i posted this on another forum i belong to and one of the guys from italy filled in the gaps with the info....and a picture of the pilot.

The wreckage of the fighter of the Regia Aeronautica " Reggiane RE 2000", registration number 8281, sank off Porto Venere during the Second World War.

The hunt was piloted by Luigi Guerrieri , as a result , he received the Silver Medal of Military Valour . On April 16, 1943 , the engine was a failure and the pilot , while en route to return to the base of Sarzana , he was forced to a ditching . With great skill , came out unscathed from the accident being able to dive before the plane disappeared into the waves .
Was recovered just hours after the men 's air rescue parties from Cadimare Airfield . But , ironically , he lost his life in '46 during a test flight in Galatina , Puglia, at the controls of a twin-engine fighter of American construction . It had been a few days from the historic referendum on the future of Italy and the young pilot was the first dead crashed in the newborn Air Force Italian Republic.


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