Vought OS2U Kingfisher....

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Aug 21, 2006
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It's not often that I've come across the Kingfisher on an Pacific island base, like this....


OS2U at Noumea ,New Caledonia in early 1943....


OS2U Kingfisher The Bug September 1943....


This photograph shows four Vought OS-2 Kingfishers of Scouting Squadron 2 (VS-2) on Bora Bora. A Quonset hut is visible behind the line of trees and camouflage netting. Bora Bora, whose conditions were primitive in the extreme, was one of the Navy's first logistical lessons in early 1942. It would not be its last....

Source: World War Photos

Surely there's got to be more?
The very top picture states New Caledonia 1943. Actually the photo was probably a year earlier as the US insignia with the red dot in the center was eliminated in May '42.
Seems right, Voss. Good catch.
Search on New Caledonia WWII and nice article on Task Force 6814 arriving in March, '42
I've studied battle of Coral Sea and recall scouting out of New Caledonia, but not specific whether OS2U, PBY, or???

btw: anyone else have problems on this site properly posting with Firefox browser?

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