Was RAF Bomber Command Too Afraid To Fly Daylight Missions?

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Gene Roddenberry flew a B-17 - that's *almost* having Captain Kirk at the helm, isn't it?
That is some great trivia! I did not know that!
Here is one for you: Jack Palance! City Slickers and a hella lot more!
For the longest time, it was said that his face was the result of being burned in a B-24 training flight and the subsequent surgeries, but the truth came out late in life and on his obituary that his agents made that part up. He did serve honorably in the USAAF as a Flight Officer until 9/1945. I don't know the real story of his service but with that discharge date, I suspect he was trained but then not needed to deploy so as part of the cutbacks he was let go, especially if he did train on B-24s, since the experienced pilots were training on B-29s around that time in preparation to join the war in the Pacific.
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