Ways to sink a Cruiser

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Adolf Galland

Airman 1st Class
Dec 1, 2004
New York City
umm.. iono but if anyone happen to be interested in bith aircraft and naval stuff u can make a comment
torpedos worked by the below attached image......anyone know what the Kriegsmarine craft is ? 8) this is also one of my specialties


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it is S-195 of Walter Knapp of the 8th Schnellboote Flottille in 1945. Hes erved through out the war and lastly taking on soviet MTB's and other soviet craft in the Baltic during Germany's escape in whatever shipping they could find to Copenhagen.....

good guess though.....it is actually part of the S-100 boat class

does this appeal to you ? a sharper image of another S-boot


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that is a very nice pic for sure. have another one of the two craft along with 3 others side by side somewhere in the lost files.

smaller pic coming up, typical hot rod on the coast patrol


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