What is a "plebe" ?

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Greetings ladies and gentlemen.

I bought a game recently, it was the only one missing from my Wing Commander saga. In it, your character gets treated multiple times of "plebe" throughout the game.

From what I can guess, it could be Navy slang to designate a rookie pilot as well as somebody who isn't very smart... It's rather unclear. Anybody know what "plebe" means ? I've Googled it and what I found was refering "pleb" (note the missing "e") to the population of the Roman Empire. I don't really see the link with a fighter pilot.

I've ripped (and compressed) a video from the first CD to help you understand my point.


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Gentlemen, this is why God gave us dictionaries- (sl)plebeian, a person of lower class[abbr.]
And what aircraft would you train a Plebe in?

Why the Temco Model 33 PLEBE trainer of course! (Of 1953)

Shot at 2007-06-27

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