Whats this???

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The Jug Rules!

Airman 1st Class
Dec 1, 2004

O.K. Ignore the big ugly '219. Look to the right of the port landing gear. Anyone know what kind of airplane is that??It looks like a Tiffy and a Jug put together...
Thats got me stumped.....it looks like it has the wings of a Spitfire, the canopy of a Firefly, the tail of some kind of Miles...
Yep, that's a Firefly, all right. Now who knows what that is beyond the 219's nose gear?
I vote that thing is a radar pod, Its because I have some pictures of some SAAB S 18A that been modificated whit radar pods and it have similarly shape and size as the one thats on the Fulmar.
evangilder said:
There appears to be some kind of white pod underneath. Could this be some kind of radar for a night fighter?

Looked like a drop tank to me...It could be a night fighter though, I can see blast tubes in the wing.
Don't know, but what's that to the left of that plane. :lol:

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