When everything else fails...

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Jan 5, 2007
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But otherwise I can't imagine a film crew into the middle of an urban combat.

Very good point. Somebody who works with film for a living would notice stuff we wouldn't. Watched "Saving Private Ryan" with my roomate from college (works in Hollywood as an assistant producer for 20 years) and ended up seeing a totally different movie. Pretty cool.
Maybe he just woke up and grabbed some poor cooks uniform pants and his hat and rifle to defend his street corner????

We will never know guys, and thats the thing about combat.... Unless ur there breathing in the cordite and feeling the concussions in ur chest, all u can do here is fantatize...

What if this??? What if that???? I looks real and the individuals actions looks as real as they would be under the situation: Pure alarm and fear....

Another thing to cloesly look at is what the paratoorper is throwing out... It aint no rock, and by the looks of it, has a fuse attached.... Why would he throw a rock when his weapon is in his hand???

Like I said, we werent there...

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