Where can I find more planes?

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Jan 23, 2007
Hi gents.
A question: I have IL2fb plus the Ace Expansion Pack. All patched up to 2.04. I do not have Pacific Fighters ( I neither can buy it online here in Brasil or find the boxed stand alone version it in any stores). Is there any other at all to add new flyable planes to my game, without having to buy a new ( and expensive) boxed verison of the merged FB+AEP+PF? Maybe planes from 3th party developers? Would love to fly the JU-88... :)
Thanks in advance!
I think you should have online download version on ubi...

EDIT: Here it is m8: Ubisoft Shopping
It's in French but you should not have troubles as it's very simple, you need to have a credit card though...
If you decide to buy other add-ons, you only need "il2 Sturmovik 46" I tell you this because there is also a Pe2 add-on, but '46 includes it!!

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