Which country designed the best engines for WWII?

Which country designed the best aircraft engines for WWII?

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Soundbreaker Welch?

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Feb 8, 2006
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I'm a bit ignorant on this subject.

But I guess Merlin was amazing, Griffon was good, so England has a good reputation.

For the USA, Pratt Whitney?

Junkers Jumo for Germany?
Lot of good ones. Merlin was certainly a great engine. No doubt about it. So was the P&W R-2800. Another great. Also the Wright Cyclone.

Germans had the BMW 800 and Diamler Benz 600.

Russians had a bunch as well (sorry I'm not specific here).

But throughout WW2, all sides sort of "kept up" with each other as much as possible. The Japenese definitely lagged as did the Italians and other smaller countries. But the big players (US, Britian, Germany and Russia) all managed to produce engines that were roughly parrallel to each other in power.
I voted England, mainly for the Merlin.
In my view it was the most successful engine, running in 39 and developed until 45 with an incredible development. Other Countries had great engines, but the Merlin has powered everything and was always on top of performances.
Inline it has to be the Merlin.
Rotary its a toss up between Pratt Whitney and BMW.

I voted for the Poms because of the Merlin. :)
The radials designed by the US were a major part of the civilian market for years. From the PW 985 through the Curtiss 3350, look how many pre-war and post war aircraft used Pratt or CW round engines, and there are many around today....
Hmm I cant really vote for anyone, its a tough call.

Best Radials in my opinion were built by the US with the PW series and followed by Germany with the BMW 800s.

Inlines is a toss up between German and England in my opinion.
If you look at the aircraft the PW's powered including replacing the Bristols in RAF aircraft you can't really argue to much IMHO
Lets see, the PW R2800 powered the P47, F4U, F6F, B26, A26, C46, too many to enumerate. Smaller PWs powered B24, etc. Wright Cyclones powered a number of attack planes as well as B17s. Seems like US has big edge if only radials considered. British had RR Merlins which powered Spits, Hurris, Lancasters, etc. Bristol radials. Germany had DB inlines which powered BFs and several med. bombers and BMW radials in FWs etc. What hurts US is no really successful inline engines. Had to use RR in fighters and PT boats. The fine radials they built offset some but tough call.
My comment cannot be taken as gospel the fact being if one guy had a lemon of an engine the rumour would start just like Tony Levier and the P38 rumours

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