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Nov 22, 2009
The Jungles of Canada
Can anyone ID which model F4U this is? Possibly colourized but I really, really want to model it


My best guess is FG/F4U-1 or 1A. The biggest indicator is lack of bomb racks under the center section (both aircraft) and lack of rocket stubs on wings. What appear to be Smooth Contour tires are also an indicator of "earlier" Corsairs. It does have the taller tail wheel, not sure if that was implimented in late -1 or purely -1A's.

Because the photo may be colorized the blues/colors may not be accurate. There does seem to be a line on the leading edge of the horizontal stab indicating blue on top with white on the bottom, possible three color camo .

The second photo is F4U-5's or AU-1's on the production line in Dallas, TX.
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Agreed... I would also say F4U-1 or 1a. Apart from points mentioned above, has a 3-bladed prop and no cowl air scoops, so definitely not F4U-4 or later. Could become an F4U-2 if they retro-fit the wing radome and cockpit fittings.

(Clashed with Wojtek's post, but we both agree for same reasons :) )
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IIRC the wartime (don't know about the postwar construction) outer wing panels were built by a sub-contractor and supplied to all of Vought/Brewster/Goodyear. Probably explains them being painted blue unlike the rest of the airframe.
Those Life photos had to have been staged several times and in different locations. Notice the differences in them?

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