Which JG, FG etc would you like to fly with?

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Aug 21, 2006
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If you could go back in time, to fly with or just hang out with ANY WWI or WWII Allied or Axis/Central Power squadron, which one would it be? Could of course be from the both sides.

This not to be during any fighting, just while R and R and refit.
JG 52 so that I could be Hartmanns wingman or JV 44 so that I could fly with the likes of Adolf Galland and Heinz "Pritzl" Bär.
Why would I want to fly with the bad guys against the forces of freedom and liberation?
Was not in exctly that way meant O' Enlighted One. More in a way to see what it was like for both side. NO FIGHTING DURING JUST R R AND REFIT.
Had nothing to do with "fly with the bad guys against freedom and liberation".
I'm sorry if you got that inpression matey.
so Jank which unit then ? a 9th AF Jug outfit possibly or ?

for me I am not really sure, it would of been nice to have met my cousins before they died in the war so that would be Luftwaffe, one a day fighter pilot the other a night fighter ace..... but ......... ?

I apologize. I missed that. Next time I will read more carefully and with my glasses on.

Erich, the 8th AF, 56th FG, 61st or 62nd FS ... naturally.

I apologize. I missed that. Next time I will read more carefully and with my glasses on.

Erich, the 8th AF, 56th FG, 61st or 62nd FS ... naturally.

It's alright matey. No apology needed for that.... S**t happens you know. :lol: :lol:
if I had to pick one to be with:

56 Squadron, RAF

Operated Hurricane Is over France in 1940, then to Hurri IIs in early 1941 before becoming the first squadron to transfer to the Typhoon in mid-1941. Operated Tyffies until April 1944 then spent 3 months in Spitfire IXs over Normandy, providing air defence. Were the first squadron to fully transferr to Tempest Vs (in July 1944) and spent the rest of the war under the 2 TAF operating from the continent as low level superiority fighters.

Did almost everything there is to do with fighters in the ETO:

Short range intercepts during the BoB. Ran escorts over France in 1941, pioneered the use of drop tanks on the Typhoon and did long range hunt and destroy missions over France in 1942. Saw action over England, Dieppe, Normandy, Germany and the low countries. Attacked transport, trains and ground installations in the lead up to Overlord. Chased V1s and bombed V2 installations. Broke in TWO new fighters and recorded close to 300 kill claims for the war.
Did Visconti fly G.55's? With respect to the Series 5's, I thought he flew the Mc-205.
The unit designation is escaping me, but the unit that used to be Chenaults "Flying Tigers". Why? Because if memory serves they were pretty decent people, and I think that the present day unit is equiped with A-10s, so its a 2 for 1 deal.
Over Paid, Over Sexed, Over here. EHH Renrich:lol:

For me the Aerodynamics Flight of the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough. Get a go of everything without the added risk of someone shooting me.

In the evening join Renrich for a couple of beers(got to be warm) and head out to the "Windmill theater"(see attached).


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big Z are you sure that is not one of those strange return of the Valkyries types ?

Hunter yes, Kommando Welter was the other name for 10./NJG 11 operating the 262 both single and twin seat versions
For me it's No.80 Squadron flying Gladiators and Hurricanes in Greece. Drinking Tea with Pat Pattle and Roald Dahl.

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