Which theater of War Would you choose for flying?

Which theater of World War II Would you choose for flying?

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Mar 10, 2003
Florida, USA
Which theater of War Would you pick? I personally would go with the Pacific theater. I enjoy the action over the seas and the challange of navigation. I have to give it to those guys who flew out insearch of the enemy, many times meeting extraordinary situations which resulted in extreme loses. Now I will not take away from those who flew in the European theater, but I find the circumstance of sea battles to be a interesting event. Well enjoy the poll and share your thoughts. :D

EDIT: Added Africa.
I would have like the Pacific theater. I personally love the F4U Corsair (one of the greatest fighters developed), and the guts of the men in the dive bomber, and torpedo squadrons to go against the wall of fire from the ships they were attacking. I feel that the quality of the aircraft and the conditions in which they were deployed appeal to me.
well for me, it's over europe, the pacific would hav been to hot for me, an it was murder maintaining the planes out there, besides, you get some good views of france from the air :p
All I can say is thast if you have to bail out, it's best to do it over land than over water usually. Drifting in a life raft in the middle of the ocean until your water runs out is not fun. So that is why I would have preferred flying in Europe. This is NOT, however, to take anything away from those who flew and fought in the Pacific.
European of course! Again, not to take a thing away from the Pacific fliers, but the Spitfire, P-38, P-51, those are all I need to convince me to fly over Europe.
personally for me it would have been the european, but that said i think the pacific fliers were much braver and i have the greastes respect for them, but i feel that european would have been a greater, if less rewarding, experience

remember im only 14 and i know nothing though :scrambleup:
I voted Europe. Again it seems more mystical (!) then the Pacific. I think the Euro campaigners had it tougher from the point of view of E.A numbers trying to hack them down, whilst the Pacific chaps had a navigational nightmare.
Although I have an interest in WW2 Aircraft , I also have an interest in Warships , especially Battleships and Aircraft Carriers , fighting in the Pacific would have given me the best of both worlds , ie flying a Seafire from an Aircraft Carrier .

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No way would i want to be shot down in the Pacific theatre! the Japanese were really cruel to their prisoners of war and even if you didn't get captured you might drown or get eaten by sharks....do i'd rather take my chances with Europe...plus i'm British so i'd be closer to home
i go europe because the planes are nicer and so is the view u get to see bombers explode u get the joy of killing nazis if u jump u land on ground u can crash land not ditch u fight tanks not pts u go faster u have more armament and better looking planes etc.,etc.
PTO would be my type to fly against the Japanese. I would fly on F4U-1D with USN VBF-83 or VF-17 Jolly Rogers.
VF-17 didn't fly -1Ds, at least not in combat ;)
Carriers are the way to go, good food and accomodations :)
Archer said:
VF-17 didn't fly -1Ds, at least not in combat ;)
Carriers are the way to go, good food and accomodations :)
No, but they fly on F4U-1, F4U-1A, FG-1A/D(dunno), and the last Corsair = F4U-4 Corsair.

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