who killed ar-zarkawi?

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Nov 26, 2005
hi all,
if the name is correct(i'm thinking to the terrorist who was killed yesterday)someone of you know the name of the two pilot of the two F-16 who bombed the house of ar-zarkawi?

thank you in advance

and sorry for my awfull english :)
Never ever will they say when those terrorest is still around. One day when they are old they may come out with it, but I liked to see that video where they bombed that house.
Yes, but that was a war between two country's, this is against a enemy where you do not know where they always are and capable of. That is the problem with terrorest.
I heard a weird theory today...

On the news, a supposed "military expert" came to say that when ground troops arrived, Zarkawi was still alive... and that his body was pretty "intact" for someone who is dead inside a house that was blown up by the Air Force.

Anti-American propaganda ? Reality ? I'm still wondering. :|

Anyway, that's one less scumbag.
yes he was alie and when his name was mentioned he moved his head and it appeared he was trying to look away and fell off the stretcher and as the guys reached for him to get him back on it he was dead ............ good ridance
Erich said:
ah but we know who shot down Yamamoto ...........

No-one did, Yamamoto survived and lives on as a Formula 1 test driver...


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