Who will win the AFC North?

Who will win the AFC North

  • Baltimore Ravens

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Nov 8, 2004
Who will win the AFC North?

My picks:

1. Cincinnati Bengals 14-2 (If off field problems dont get in the way)
2. Baltimore Ravens 10-6 (Still has a good Defense)
3. Pittsburgh Steelers 8-8 (Steelers will allways be in it)
4. Cleveland Browns 2-14 (Are they destined to stay at the bottom?)
Gotta go with...

Cincinatti 13-3 (If they don't implode)
Baltimore 10-6 (Should be about right)
Pittsburgh 8-8 (I'm a big Pitt fan, but Big Ben is a fraud)
Cleveland 7-9 (May go 10-6, depending on young talent)
Easy......For the Superbowl his stats read

C/A Yds TD Int
9/21 123 0 2

Wow! What a champ. And HE didn't win that superbowl. The Pittsburgh receivers won that superbowl.

And what has he done since? Last year he had a QB rating of 75. 18 TD to 23 Int's. His stats are mediocre at best.
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