F1-Who watched yesterday?

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I wonder where the next generation of racers is going to come from? With ABS, traction control, and even stability control on most newer cars, who will even be able to get the skills to control a car without those crutches.

I've helped several new, young racers get started, some couldn't even drive a straight stick.
Ha, here in Oz you need a to be Certified trained and tested to drive a Stick shift!!!! Howzat?

There is not a column shift car since the 60's and the Aussie version of the Race Around the World contestants were in Cuba driving them old US cars and they had not one clue how to drive something with a lever hanging of the column! No less something with a clutch! I saw a 16 year old who raced here interviewed about getting a drivers licence, he was petrified because "there are cars coming the other way"!

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