F1 2021

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Apr 8, 2021
What is everyone opinion of Lewis hamitlon saying his drivers championship was stolen from him ? Ithink hes just being a sore loser and doesnt want to admit that theres a new king in town by the name of MAX VERSTAPPEN (cap locks to empaanize hes the better driver) lewis needs to retire he needs to admit max took him fair and square the Race director did not rig the race.
Whether you think the outcome of the season was the "right" one very much depends on whether you are a Hamilton or Verstappen supporter. Personally I'm not that keen on either.

But the FIA has been forced to admit that the Race Director, Michael Masi, did not follow the rule book regarding the Safety Car Procedures implemented in those final laps. Worse, he seems to have changed his mind part way through that Safety Car session. And that change certainly disadvantaged Mercedes by leaving Hamilton on older tyres than Verstappen. And it wasn't the first time in the season that the rules hadn't been followed. Add to that the different standards that were seemingly applied by different sets of stewards at different races to similar incidents and it just adds to the confusion about what the rules actually are, what is hard racing and what is beyond the limits etc.

What doesn't help is Team Principals, of any team, on the radio trying to influence the Race Director (and the Race Stewards) in the midst of controversial incidents.

I firmly believe that the FIA originally expected to do nothing in the closed season and simply allow the controversy to blow over. Then business as usual with the F1 money making machine. Hamilton's decision to consider leaving the sport certainly threw a spanner in the works. Now something has to be seen to be done for the future to renew confidence in the sport. But I don't see the result of the 2021 season being reversed.

The question is what to do. The FIA met yesterday and the inquiries are still ongoing 2 months after the controversy. What is left to find out? A further announcement will be made later this week. But the season opener is at Bahrain on 20 March. One thing seems clear. For the teams and drivers to have confidence in the system, Masi has to go. But there seems to be a reluctance on the part of the FIA to fire him. Wait for a new position in motorsport that he can be shuffled off into!!

I think Vettel had it right in a recent article on the BBC.
"The main thing is that we focus on the sport and not so much on the show".

Hamilton is being a sore loser, but that doesn't mean the way it ended was correct.

I think Masi's hands were tied somewhat by an agreement to not red flag the race for crashes during the race, except really severe ones.

Maybe he would have called a red flag, and they would have a 5 or 6 sprint to the finish, all on fresh tyres. But Mercedes lobbied for that not to happen.

Hamilton was, IMO, let off easily for the crash in the British GP, and they used the engine replacement rules to great effect in the last few races, but not for what the rules intended.
F1 can be the most tedious procession but last year was interesting for the first time since Moss and Fangio went skinny wheel to skinny wheel and driver safety consisted of putting out your cigarette before climbing into a fuel tank cunningly disguised as the drivers seat.
I don't think the decisions in the last race was correct. Based solely on the last race, Hamilton should have been champion. But over the whole season, I don't know. Both drivers have had their bad luck and luck with the Marshalls. Overall, both deserved it. I don't think Lewis was robbed, especially since he and his team mate robbed Max of quite a few points by crashing into him. (Admittedly Max also returned the favour once).
Max got it and I'm fine with that. Would have been fine with Lewis as well.

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