F1 2014 season and the Aussie GP

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Feb 9, 2006

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jS4Dh_EAfJII watched the race Sunday morning at 4:30am and found it to be terribly disappointing,while Rosberg,Magnusson and Bottas had good drives the rest of the race sucked. 7 cars out,Vettel and Hamilton did not make it past 2 laps and the sound ,yeesh might as well listen to Vepas going at it.I might still watch the rest of the season but it's just not F1 anymore.
At what expense,sure it's more expensive this year than before. I almost wish it went back to the days of shifters and clutches.The engine/kers/batteries setup belongs in your family sedan.F1 one is about passion,max performance etc. Don't think so this year
The cars are supposed to be greener but every team takes twenty trucks, motor homes and other vehicles to every grand-prix and flies tons of cargo around the world. If F1 wants to be greener it should look at that not twenty odd racing cars.
These things are glorified milk floats........and they sound like it. They are also significantly slower than last years cars.
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Watched the Baharain GP, so looks like we hace a few races going on...The Mercedes race each other,the rest of the Merc powered cars race each other,The Ferraris have their own race and so do the RedBulls while the rest just go around the track. I say increase the fuel flow,go to 15K RPM and drill holes in the muffler(kidding). They still sound like fart cans and those power plants belong in Buicks.
Ok watched the Malaysia GP,strike 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The GP2 cars were actually faster than the F1 cars.

A GP2 team supposedly runs on yearly budget less than one hundredth that of the 250 million euros for an F1 team. Something is definitely not right :)


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Remember watching the BTCC a decade (or more?) ago on the Eurosport. That was some racing - sometimes three cars side to side, rear view mirrors flying off, more taking over in a lap than in the F1 in whole race.
The German racing was also interesting, the Cecotto and Winkelhoeck racing their BMW E36s against Lagunas, Vectras and Audi A4s. Later they introduced the DTC, again a good fight all the way.
I cannot figure myself sitting in front of TV watching the F1 now.
Touring car races are one of my favorite thou not televised as much as I would like....China coming up, will it be strike 3????
Ok,you have to put it in perspective. Yes there was alot of action but there was about 5 races going on, the 2 Mercs had a pretty good battle,then further back the Merc powered cars,then the Red Bulls,the Ferrari's and the rest of the field. so it was not like there was multiple cars fighting for the lead but a bunch of mini battles going on so when the cameras focused in on a group there always seemed like something was going on...
Outside of aviation, f1 is my next favourite thing and by far my favourite sport. Followed it since I was a kid, and being a kiwi, I am passionate about the name McLaren.
In 2014 however, these cars, with those engines, and that sound, it is ghastly. for the first time, I am just not staying up until the middle of the night to watch the races. I keep in touch with what is going on, but it is just not the same.
Really, really disappointing.
I couldn't agree with you more,I have watched all the races so far,Monaco fans down 20% in one of the glitsiest places to race,cars getting lapped,I don't know how much my interest will continue until it fades away.
Last race that I really watched, was Monza in '78..... Not really a fan any more, much like NASCAR and sportscar racing, I think that F1has lost its touch and soul.....and the cars are bl**dy ugly!

It comes to something when the story being talked up after the Monaco Grand Prix is that the two Mercedes drivers (the only men who have won a race or even led a lap all season) aren't talking to each other.

I used to be an avid F1 fan. Today it's Thursday and I don't even know where this weekends two horse race is taking place :)

Actually a pretty decent race in Montreal only because the Mercs had mechanical issues............

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