2009 F1 Championship

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Feb 6, 2007
Melbourne, Victoria
Great race, dream finish for Brawn. Certainly wouldn't have picked it after Barrichello's start. webber as usual got the rotten luck that seems to plague him.

Button had a wonderful drive and I think may be a big player this year assuming Brawn keep the pace up.

As for Vettle and Kubica, both young and had great track position and then get tangled up! Shame for both.

Trulli got up there for Toyota which is rare for him but also great to see some different names circulating the winners podium positions.

Bring on 2009!


Globetrotting Surgeon General
From what I have heard it was a great race (I didn't wake up to watch it). Saw Vettel and Kubica's crash which was a shame. Still amazed Hamilton got 4th, great drive for Button. He deserves a good season and looking forward to Brawn having a good season as well.


Master Sergeant
Feb 9, 2006
The Brawn cars can't be related to Honda the way they've been running. Bet the big teams are freaking trying to figure out where Brawn got it's pace from all of the sudden, I know body/chassis has changed and rpms are now limited to 18k but I can't believe it's just the diffusers that Brawn ran giving them that speed.


Apr 23, 2005
I understood that the Brawn cars for 2009 had been designed through 2008 under the Honda leadership whilst most of the teams concentrated on the race for the 2008 championship. Certainly I could be wrong on that.

It wasn't a sudden realisation or success and I bet Honda wished that had maintained sponsorship for 2009. Branson probably cannot believe his luck

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