Who will win the NFC South?

Who will win the NFC South

  • Carolina Panthers

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  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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  • Atlanta Falcons

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Nov 8, 2004
Who will win the NFC South?

I think it will go as is:

1. New Orleans Saints 12-4 (Maybe a ticket to the big one this year?)
2. Carolina Panthers 10-6 (Smith has to stay healthy)
3. Tampa Bay Buccanneers 6-10 (improving but not out of the cellar yet)
4. Atlanta Falcons 3-13 (QBs have to be able to throw as well)
This may be the hardest division to pick. Slim advantage to N.O. only because they are the defending division champs.
I agree. I see Car putting some pressure on this year but not eneogh. TB will falter as they usually do and Atlanta will finally realize that a QB has to throw the ball as well and can not win as a Running Back who wants to hog the ball, it is a team sport.
New Orleans 12-4 (easy pick, to me anyway)
Carolina 11-5
Tampa Bay 7-9
Atlanta 5-11 (Vick is a joke, especially off the field! I hope he goes to jail for dog fighting)

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