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Good on you bud, well done.

Took my physical two weeks ago and am going to get back into the cockpit in the spring.

Congrats to you, good luck on your check ride.
Did you use a simulator or actual flying hours I would guess the simulator would be cost effective
In my intial training I did about 3 hours in a sim - I have access to a cheap plane (the club I'm in) so I'll be doing some flying under the hood to brush up. I've always stayed pretty proficient and fly quite a bit, I actually feel I could pass the check ride right now, but I'm one to always be totally prepared. Believe it or not any of the MS flight sims do just as well for a practice, although they are not "legal."
Thanks guys - Gnomey - if you could get over here and find a job, we'll I'm pretty cheap!

Now finding a plane, that's another story! :evil4:
tut tut gnomey, FB will offer us all mates rates..... freebies :rolleyes:

congratulations FB, when's your first hop over the pond ;)

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