Wings Over Wairarapa

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Airman 1st Class
Jan 15, 2007
Canterbury, NZ
Hi folks,
Just a couple of snaps taken from a recent airshow - I flew our machine up from half way down the south Island, long hike! (JPW)
52 line up tails.JPG

'52 lineup front.JPG
Very nice shots YakFlyer .Were there Yak-52's on the airshow only?
I can see that the type of Yakovlev's a/c became very popular in all the world.
hey folks,
bugger! I don't know what I am doing wrong. Can I email these to someone for them to put on the forum? [email protected]

The show featured alot of variety, P-40, Corsair, P-51, L39, 2x Vampire, Harvards, Provost, RNZAF, Catalina, the Yak52 Aerobatic Team (8 aircraft), Edge 540, Pitts S1S, etc etc.

Hallo YakFlyer !!!
I think you don't need anybody to do it ,you can do it yourself.Simply, click the "EDIT" button in your first post window there.Then click the "Go Advanced" button in the new opened window.Next,using the "Manage Attachment" button delete the early uploaded pics ( if they are still available there ) and upload them again.It should help.

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