Wonderfull colored WW.2 Video Me110 Ju88

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A little more info on the "differences":
•Colorised material:
is based on b/w film. A general tint (i.e. Sepia) can be applied easily in a one bath process. Every other dye has to be added individualy on every and single frame. For movie material this is very labourus.
Only, the "YouTube" material is probabely colorised with the aid of a computer. That can be done very economicaly and easily. This can be seen by the sharpness of the colorised field-borders. This is impossible, if done by hand/ con mano...

•Color material:
can be based on color negative or positive material: German color movies (the professional 35mm film) were based on negative film which was copied (also on negative material) a second time to gain the full color positive. Unlike slide (positive) material for stills which were developed twice to get the postive.

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