Worst Aircraft of WWII

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As the worst aircraft of WWII, I nominate the LWS-4 / LWS-6 Zubr. 17 were built, qualifying as "production," I suppose.

Engines heavier than the design spec were mounted, so the Zubr was not strong enough for actual flight, except for the initial test flight. Their service life was ONE mission, after which they were used as airfield decoys!

Just think, maybe they took off on a mission, ran low on fuel, and landed on a distant airfiled to refuel ... only to discover that the airframe life of the Zubr was used up and they had to walk home! Thankfully, the Zubr's range was only 750 km, so it is unlikely that more than about 100 Polish airmen were captured walking home from Zubr missions.

This is even dumber than the German Natter, which at least had a good armament.

The Zubr probably killed more Polish airmen than Germans! Perhaps it was respponsible for WWII when Zubrs may have broken up in flight over a German parade, initiating hostilies inadvertently! Thinking they were being attacked, the Germans probably retaliated.

As for its looks, I prefer the north end of a southbound jackass to the Zubr! The Potez 75 was even uglier, but it didn't commit aviation until 1955, so it earns an exemption in a WWII forum. The Potez 75 does, however, earn Fench designers a place in the Hall of Shame, right next to the designers of the Zubr.

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