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A7147 is recorded as a Bristol Fighter with a Falcan engine but light distortion makes it look like a radial.
tank English


tank English

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It's a tank from the 12th British Tank Battalion. The Mark IV n° 2648 - L 52 "Lyric", the tourist attraction at the edge of the Châlons-sur-Marne road near La Pompelle. In the mid of 30' the tank replaced another Mark IV thank that was left there after the battle and kept as an exhibition. She was the German captured Mark IV tank named "Lotte" and used by the Germans. Similar to the "Lotte", the "Liryc" was equipped with plates/panels with inscriptions from the Reims tourist office. One panel, on the cockpit hiding the inscription L 52 intended to identify, by aerial view, the tank. Another panel on the front of the tank body and the next one blocked access to the interior in the center of the tank. Other photos show that it was torn off by curious visitors and probably also collectors. More info and pics can be found with the link below. But it is a site in the French language.

La Pompelle - Mark IV Lyric (02)1.jpg



01 - La Pompelle - Mark IV Lyric.jpg

06a - Mark IV L 52 Lyric en 1940 (01).jpg

the pic source: Les Beutepanzer Liesel, Lotte et les Mark IV allemands de La Pompelle - Forum PAGES 14-18

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