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Nov 20, 2022
Hi everyone, i recently came into possession of a B24 gun turret control arm. The serial numbers and stamps are all intact - is there a way to identify the particular aircraft it was made for ? See what happened to it?
I'd love to be able to know the story behind this part.


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No, you cannot identify which particular aircraft this Control Arm was used in. Each manufacturer of each part had their own system for serial numbers and those numbers did not correlate to the aircraft serial number.

Take your car for example. It has a V.I.N., but the serial numbers on the tires, battery, voltage regulator, window motors, etc. have nothing to do with the VIN.
I agree. Taking the number of B-24 assembled into consideration nobody was taking care of listing of all components for each plane separately at the assembling lines.
Thank you so much - would there be a way to identify the variation of the b24 this belonged to? I am of the understanding there were 4 made.
IMHO only if the stuff was modified or upgraded and used with a particular verison. If it was the same for a couple of different variants there is no way to find out that rather. Certainly it may be worth to find when the batch of the unit was delivered to a B-24 factory and perhaps where. So, it could help to learn what B-24 subtype was on the factory assembling lines at that time. However I doubt a such record could be available or just saved.

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