XP-51 Mustang

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Aug 21, 2006
Thought I would share these pictures with you. Its a rare glimpse into the cock pit of the XP-51, a outside look at it along with a picture of a Allison Engine. Last two pictures taken by myself. The XP-51 is located in the EAA's Musuem. Picture of cock pit came from the EAA Sport Aviation magazine November 2006 issue.

The EAA use to fly this aircraft regulary from 1976-1982 but the engine sputtered one day and well it was decided to ground it and put it on perminate display due to it being the oldest surviving mustang.

Fortuently its in very good company. Below a list of aircraft in the same hanger.

Dehaviland Mosquito DH 98
Spitfire IX
Corsair F4U
Grumman Duck J2F6
Hispano HA112
T6G-Texan, One of only two know to have been flown by Tuskege airman

Just to name a few.
Link to Museum EAA AirVenture Museum - Oshkosh, WI

Enjoy Micdrow :lol:


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Its also interesting to know that you can make a P-51A mustang for half the price or less than a P-51D Mustang

I knew that the Mustang was derived from a ground attack mission, but did not realize that it mounted 8 machine guns. Was that standard initially for the NA-73? I have read 4-.50s and 4-.30s.

Then the P-51A had 4-.50s.
P-51B-D had 6-.50s.

I think you will find that the P-51A came with either 4 x .50 and 4 x .30 or 4 x 20.
Duxford has an A which has the 8 x mg.

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