YakP3 and 9U

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Jun 5, 2005
Although I fly with the 361vFG andLove to fly my Jug " Hoo Haa" and my Pony "Whole9Yards"I am finding that i really enjoy flying the YakP3and the 9U it would seem that they are more nimble and stable when in a furball. I can pretty much take out anything that comes against me,except
for maybe a Spit,but most of the pilots flying those are inexperianced and the Spit allows them the advantage because of the manuverability and it is forgiving at high speed,or another more experianced pilot in a Yak.Like Capt.Crunch that boy is deadly in a Yak P3 I rarely get a kill on him.
I like the 9U because of her speed but as with the Spit she runs out of ammo way to fast and she doesnt carry a big punch like the P3.
Im finding that if you can get the flap configuration right in either Yak 85% of the time you can get a bogie off your six and take your apponant out...but it does take practice (Im sure Capt.Crunch would be glad to give you a lesson in flying the Yak) LOL

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