Yankee air musuem thunder over michigan

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Jan 3, 2006
The list of visiting aircraft just keeps growing. The canadians are even trucking in the mosquito that there restoring. Should be an absolute great show. If you guys are anywhere near, you should make a point of coming to this one. The last three years have been a WWII buff's dream come true.
I have heard great things about that show and have been told that it is the best show east of the Rockies, with Chino being best west of the Rockies. I have been to Chino, now I want to check that one out someday.
I feel the same about the west coast, I've been through most of the midwest and seen all the major shows and museums in Texas. fortunatly I live in michigan buy two great musuems ( Kalamazoo Air Zoo Yankee Air Musuem), an hour away from both of them. The selfridge air national guard base in Detroit has a decent display of jets and the Airforce museum in Dayton is only 5 hours away. I do feel lucky but that doesn't take away from my desire to get out to california.
Just waiting for the time to leave to the show. Hopefully there be alot of aircraft there today. I'll be sure to let you know when I get back.
You ever get the feeling your like a kid in a candy store.
You know, up in till today, the only hurricane that I've ever seen was in a very dark corner of the us airforce musuem. Today I saw three burning around the sky chasing an ME-109. What a sight. They are a beautiful little airplane.











Was a great show

Cheers Dave Cheeseman
The Sea fury is kinda like a Ha 112 it doesn't have a brit engine its got a big US one can't recall but I believe its a pratt


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