1. v2

    "They saw the whole sky"

    One hundred and forty-five Polish fighter pilots took part in the Battle of Britain between 10 July and 31 October 1940. Historians believe that the high number of German planes shot down by these Polish pilots helped bring about victory for the Allies in the battle. The Embassy of the Republic...


    With a heavy heart I've just learned that Mike Mangold was killed flying his L39 today at Apple Valley CA. I had an up and down relationship with him but he was a friend and mentor. Blue Skies Mike! Say hello to Bob and Doug for me! :cry:
  3. meatloaf109

    thoughts on aircraft weathering

    I was just watching the old classic "Reach for the Sky", the Douglas Bader story. In it, the Avro 504's and the Bristol Bulldog's are beautifully maintained, but as the movie advances, the aircrafts in it get very "weathered". In the early flying scenes just before the "BOB" the Spits are Mk24's...
  4. Jeff Hunt

    75th BoB from Duxford

    This will be a photo post for any and all pics taken from the 75th BoB at Duxford. Lets get the ball rolling with these. Cheers, Jeff
  5. Capt. Vick

    New BOB Stamps...?!?!...for shame!

    What is wrong with this picture? Look closely...
  6. gumbyk

    Buchon to 109 conversion

    Pacific Fighters are converting one of the BoB movie Buchons to more closely resemble a 109G: Pacific Fighters restores Hispano Buchon as a Messerschmitt Bf-109 for Erickson Collection.
  7. G

    What does BoB stand for?

    I see it used all the time here but I don't know what it means.
  8. fastmongrel

    The last BoB Hurricane for sale.

    The last BoB Hurricane is up for sale on a US website and there is a big chance this veteran will leave Britain for good. Sole surviving Hurricane plane from Battle of Britain may end up in America | Daily Mail Online If your a UK resident there is a government e-petition you can sign. we...
  9. W

    Effect of the debugged in tim for the BoB?

    What would the effect of having a reliable Hispano 20mm cannon with belt fed ammo in Spitfires and Hurricanes in time for the BoB? The Spitfire's performance my be degraded against the Bf 109, but would that be outweighed by the damage the 20mm could do on the bombers?
  10. Marcel

    Bram (Bob) Van der Stock, dutch figter ace

    The Hercules carrying the victims of Flight MH17 was named "Van der Stock" after Dutch warhero and fighter ace Bram (Bob) van der Stock, also known as 'Van'. Even here in the Netherlands, he is one of the lesser known warheroes, although he is the most decorated Dutch fighterpilot and the...
  11. tomo pauk

    RAF after BoB: mid-term strategy, tactics technology?

    A discussion about what the RAF should have pursued after th BoB. Eg. what at is the best way to hit Axis, how to prepare best for very possible LW atacks in next year, what about N. Africa and Malta, what to do once Japan takes the French Indochina? Once Germany turns East, how to capitalize on...
  12. dneid

    British Airfield Equipment - BoB

    Hey, All, I am turning to you all to ask about kits for some airfield equipment for a diorama. I need to find 1/48th scale kits for a trolley ac and a fuel bowser. I have a photo from a BoB book of the fuel bowser I can post if needed. I did find a trolley ac kit with TONs of PE. I am not...