1. Snautzer01

    eBay: heavy Iron (Tanks Guns Ships Trains)

    Foto, Panzer IV Turmnummer: II01 wird verladen, Hafen Neapel, Italien, f | eBay
  2. M

    [Video] US Navy Ships & Equipment at San Diego Naval Base

    Photo montage video I made from my Trip to San Diego earlier this year :)
  3. Torch

    night carrier landing,yeesh.....

    The Aviationist » Scary Video shows what landing on an aircraft carrier at night (with an electrical failure) looks like
  4. fastmongrel

    A complete hook up

    Why do Navy Planes Have Tailhooks? Unbelievably, people don't realize that after a tough day of flying on and off of an aircraft carrier the planes are always washed, and then they use the hooks to hang the planes over the side to drip dry.
  5. bobbysocks

    Wings of Duty Beta coming out for iOS

    news from the games forum... Hey guys, We finally decided the name of the game, it would be "Wings of Duty", also we are now finalizing the Beta for public release in a week ( will take another 5 days for Apple approval). The Beta comes with couple basic planes: US: P-35,P-40...
  6. Torch

    Aircraft carrier found off the west coast.

    Photos: World War II-era Aircraft Carrier Discovered
  7. Wayne Little

    1/700 IJN Kaga and Akagi (Pre WWII) - Unofficial GB

    User Name : Wayne little Name : Wayne Kit: Fujimi IJN Kaga Triple Deck Scale: 1/700 Accessories: None at this point. Kaga was an aircraft carrier of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), the third to enter service, named after the former Kaga Province in present-day Ishikawa Prefecture...
  8. Tracker

    Flying an F18 from an Aircraft carrier

    Ever want to fly an F-18 from a flat top? This is probably the closest thing you can get to that feeling. View:
  9. Torch

    About as close as anyone of us will get to launch a plane

    off a carrier...
  10. Snautzer01

    Navy Blimp Lands on Carrier 10-24-44

  11. GrauGeist


    I have seen a great deal of dioramas that depict such scenes as aircraft being repaired or maintained or just simply parked on the ramp being prepped for a mission. There has also been dioramas that show a glimpse of carrier Ops. But I'm curious, has anyone done a diorama of an aircraft...
  12. syscom3

    Cold War Mayhem- How the Soviets Were Going to Attack the Carrier Battle Groups

    Interesting read.
  13. B29WereWolf

    1/72 US aircraft carrier deck?

    I recently purchased the Academy 1/72 P-47D (Razorback) kit, want to build a diorama depicting when P-47s were ferried to the Marianas on escort carriers. The 318th group P-47s launched off the Manila Bay because of Japanese aircraft in the area. Has anyone scratch built an aircraft carrier...
  14. Skyraiders, November 1950

    Skyraiders, November 1950

  15. US Navy A-12 Avenger II Doritos In Flight Carrier Patrol Mock Up Artwork

    US Navy A-12 Avenger II Doritos In Flight Carrier Patrol Mock Up Artwork