1. E

    US AAF propaganda film - The Fight for the Sky

    A propaganda film from the US AAF about the aerial war over western Europe. Plenty of combat footage, both air to air and ground strafing. Interestingly, mix some captured german footage of alarmstart and bomber a attacks. Some of the combat footage are pretty close strikes...
  2. Glenn Sprouse

    Robin Olds' P-38 Lightnings Scat II and Scat III... and now Scat IV

    With the distinct possibility of Tamiya releasing a 1/48 P-38J in 1/48, I have been going over some markings I would like to do for the aircraft. The one that comes to mind is the P-38's flown by Robin Olds. However, I have come across some contradictory information, particularly in regards to...
  3. salutewwii

    P-38 Main and Aux Fuel Gauges (DJ-12 Type)

    I'm looking for schematics/pin-outs/diagrams for the P-38 fuel gauges (DJ-12's) if anyone can help. Would love to have the sending units (transmitters) schematics as well. If anyone can help I would be grateful. Thanks in advance.....
  4. Greg Boeser

    Fagen Fighters

    Just 2 1/2 hours west of the Twin Cities lies the town of Granite Falls, MN. Just 4 miles south lies the Granite Falls Municipal Airport. Located on the property of the Granite Falls Municipal Airport is this: It is an amazing collection of WW II warbirds, vehicles, and memorabilia. Just...
  5. Snautzer01

    CBI 80th Air Depot Panagarh, India

    The daily work of keeping airplanes in the air by taking apart war weary ones and warehousing the ones that could be needed later on. Not often one comes across such a large number of pictures all taken at Panagarh wich depicts the scale of this operation very nicely. Note the P-61 Black Widow...
  6. P

    A Super Lightning?

    During World War II, the Lockheed developed a long-range version of its famous fighter P-38 Lightning, however, due to technical problems the project was canceled. The link below provides a collection of interesting photos of the plane and a question: If the plane had entered service, have...
  7. P

    P-38 captured!

    I share with you some rare pictures (in color and w/b) of fighters Lockheed P-38 Lightnings captured and with German and Italian markings during World War II. Does anyone know how many were captured and how they came to Europe once they have been used in the Pacific? To view the photos visit the...
  8. P

    So whats the problem in PNG

    I recently read Classic Wings where one person says that they know of a couple of P-40s, a P-38, Seafire and Corsair aswell as a B24 being broken up in PNG in the last couple of years. I know of a number of wrecks I'd personally love to recover if I had the funds but I know its impossible of...
  9. tomo pauk

    P-38 H, J and L parts manual

    Not sure that this one was posted before: P-38 HJL parts cmpl.part1 P-38 HJL parts cmpl.part2 Join the two parts together after download and that's it.
  10. GregP

    P-38 Thunder

    OK, you've heard of the P-38 Lightning, but have you ever heard of the Thunder? Never made it into squadron service, though ...
  11. M

    Need HELP on if this is a P-38 part???

    Hello I am new to this forum and was wondering if this may have been part of a P-38J?
  12. tomo pauk

    On big American fighters

    In order not to clog up the current RAF bombing thread, I'd reckon it is better to discuss the merits and shortcomings of big US fighters in a separate thread. The P-38 was drop-tank ready before the 1st production F4U made 1st flight - Feb. vs. June 1942. That, and numbers available means...
  13. C


    Hi everyone, I have attempted to put together a quick reference sheet for the P-38 in hopes that it will give everyone a better understanding of which model to use when comparing aircraft. And, of course, I have a limited library and knowledge of Lockheed's fighter. I am asking for everyone's...
  14. gjs238

    Was the P-38 Lightning ever fitted with torpedoes?

  15. C

    1/48 P-38L-5 Allied Manufactured Aircraft

    Username: Chris Brown First name:Chris Category: Advanced Scale: 1/48 Manufacturer: Eduard Model Type: P-38L-5 Aftermarket add-ons: Maybe an additional Eduard P-38 update set for some of the wheel wells. For this GB I will be modeling one of the Lightnings that Bob Dehaven flew in the...
  16. Snautzer01

    Fiat CR.42 Falco

    Italian plane exported to Belgium captured by Germans. Most captured ones joined the Luftwaffe in a training role although a few did see combat action again. Falca ve službách Luftwaffe , Fiat CR.42 aces of WWII, Osprey aircraft of the aces 90, by Häkan Gustavsson and Ludovico Slongo. It has a...
  17. P

    Need help identifying prop (Father's 50th bday present)

    Hello, I'm currently searching for a propeller for my Father for his 50th birthday present. I found one I think he'll like, but I'm having trouble identifying it. The seller believes it is a P-38 prop blade, which is what I am hoping for (his favorite warbird). If it is not from a P-38 I believe...
  18. W

    Fw187 could have been German P-38?

    http://www.ww2aircraft.net/forum/aviation/fw-187-german-51-a-38757.html?highlight= http://www.ww2aircraft.net/forum/aviation/fw187-fighter-bomber-ground-attack-aircraft-40741.html?highlight= I've sort of broached this comparison before with other aircraft, but the more I read about the P-38...
  19. GregP

    Two P-51's and a P-38

    Thought you guys might enjoy this again ... here's a clip from the Planes of Fame 2012 Airshow with the Horsemen flying two P-51s and a P-38. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yc94Tj7SP8o The P-51s are being flown by Ed Shipley and Jim Beasley and the P-38 is the Plane of Fame's being...
  20. Snautzer01

    eBay: Lockheed P-38 Lightning

    P-38 with Cross of Lorainne, France, Provence 1944 (F-5G-6-LO 44-26127 )