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Greg Boeser

Chief Master Sergeant
Jul 29, 2016
Just 2 1/2 hours west of the Twin Cities lies the town of Granite Falls, MN.
Just 4 miles south lies the Granite Falls Municipal Airport. Located on the property of the Granite Falls Municipal Airport is this:

P1010345 (2).JPG

It is an amazing collection of WW II warbirds, vehicles, and memorabilia.
Just look.

Greg Boeser1.jpg

Curtiss JN-4 "Jenny"

Greg Boeser2.jpg


Greg Boeser3.jpg


Greg Boeser4.jpg

P-51D "Twilight Tear" undergoing routine maintenance.

Greg Boeser5.jpg


Greg Boeser6.jpg

Three stooges ruining a shot of a P-40E.

Greg Boeser7.jpg

P-40K (Ignore the man in the stained jacket)

Greg Boeser8.jpg

P-38L "Scat III"

Greg Boeser9.jpg

FM-2 Wildcat

Greg Boeser10.jpg


Greg Boeser11.jpg

B-25J "Paper Doll"

Greg Boeser12.jpg

Full scale mock-up of Marsaille's Bf 109F

Greg Boeser13.jpg

Start of restoration of SB2C (engine, rear fuselage, vertical stabilizer at far left)

Greg Boeser14.jpg

CG-4 Waco glider built in Minnesota

Greg Boeser15.jpg

P-51D "Sweet Revenge"

And much more...

All aircraft are kept in flyable condition, except the glider and the Bf 109 mock-up.
I'll post the vehicles later.
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Sorry. I uploaded them directly from my camera. Any hints on downsizing?
Clearly I have no idea what I'm doing.
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What I do if I want smaller photos from my Iphone is to email them to myself. When I hit send it will ask me what size photo to send, usually 4 choices, small to original. I will pick one of the middle 2. Once they are in your email you can save them to camera roll
I have edited the post with the pics again. I re-uploaded these images after I had resized them down. It should work fine now.

Please resize your pics before uploading, according to Geo's suggestion. Also if you edit your post and the attachment there, please remove/delete the old one before you upload the correct pics. The double attachement causes nothing but troubles with displaying and uploading pages for many other users. If there are any troubles with a post layout please go to your settings/preferences and disable the Reach Editor switching to the BB Code Editor that allows you to keep a proper view at the post layout while uploading a such number of images.


BTW.. great shots here. :thumbright:
Great pics of what looks like a great collection Greg.
For future reference for re-sizing before posting, use Irfanview (download it for free).
You can crop, re-size etc each image from your HD folders before uploading to the forum. If you want to retain the original image in your files, then, once re-sized, each image can be 'Saved as', rather than 'Save', attaching a title of your choice. This means you retain the original, full size images, and have the re-sized ones separately filed.
It only opened about 5 years ago. The buildings are all new and the displays are amazing. They do a big air show every year that draws over 15,000. Next year it's June 16th.
This was the first time I was there and I'm looking forward to going again next year. I recognized many aircraft that participate in the big air shows in the Twin Cities.

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