1/48 Airfix Spitfire FR XIVe, RCAF

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Colin L

Nov 27, 2016
Here's my Airfix 1/48 Spitfire FR XIVe, completed as a 402 Squadron (RCAF) machine, March, 1945. As I understand it, 402 was one of two Squadron's to operate the "bubbletop" before the end of the war in Europe. I found the Airfix kit to be good, but required careful assembly and a fair amount of shimming. The paints I used are Tamiya acrylic, weathering with Humbrol enamels and pastels, and the decals are a mix of XtraDecal codes, Aviaeology serials, and Barracuda stencils.

I'm quite happy with the result, and I hope you like,


414 Sq.jpgImage7.jpg402 XIVe Bubbletop.jpgImage5.jpgImage1.jpg
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Superbly clean build, a joy to gaze upon.
More important to me: Your pictures of the model and the real aircraft made me understand the way the camera lenses were covered by a flat piece of glass or Perspex, slightly recessed and not completely following the fuselage contours. This will help me when realizing a Spitfire PR.MK.XI, another long term modeling project of mine.
Great work Colin, especially around the fuel tank and attached windscreen. I should know as I am currently fighting with this area myself.

Thanks for the link. You seem to have the exactly the same problems and questions as me. I went for sacrificing the wing root fit rather than gun fairings and ailerons. I also questioned the gun sight and I reckon I will use a Quickboost gyroscopic. I am also chuffed that I will be using the rounded exhausts, as these are so m

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