1/48 Scale Junkers Ju87R-2 Stuka

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Thanks for calling in guys, it's nice to have you drop by.

I've applied the second camo coat today Humbrol 241 (RLM 70), given the paint a few coats of floor polish and a final blasting of Alclad II Gloss. Next up will be the sand dune effect which will be applied with the airbrush rather than hand painted as was with the original Stuka.

20220815 1.JPG

Thanks guys. So we now have the desert sand effect completed with its swirling effect over the regimented original camouflage.

20220817 1.JPG

and the underside is looking just a blue (for the moment).

20220817 2.JPG

All the little bits are also done and it dawned on me today that I'll have a lovely time trying to place the snake heads over the engine covers all cut up like this. Oh well, nothing like a challenge.

20220817 3.JPG

Forgot to mention the colour used for the desert, it was an old Model Master jar of Italian Sand (2110) I had sculling around.
Thanks for the kind comments and calling in folks.

Decal day. Got all the decals sorted today, mostly from EagleCals with a few Airfix thrown in to finish off.

20220820 1.JPG

20220820 2.JPG

20220820 3.JPG

20220820 4.JPG

Here we have all the little engine panels with the snakes head divided between them, took me a couple of hours to sort this lot.
20220820 5.JPG

And now she stands (temporarily) on her own two front pins.
20220820 6.JPG

Many thanks all, now its time to make a nice shiny machine look like the working horse it was, lots of sand blasting, those sand and dust storms of North Africa are a bu**er, not to mention the blistering heat that your all so familiar with at the moment. :D
Thanks Terry.

Well folks, it was a day of dust and stain and now my nice clean airframe is a tad dusty and in need of a good wash.
20220821 1.JPG

20220821 2.JPG

20220821 3.JPG

If I can find time tomorrow, I start putting some of the finishing bits on. :D

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