1/72 Avro Lancaster Mk I Admiral Prune-1/72 Airfix 08002

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Aug 21, 2019
My last Lancaster back a year or so ago. No problems at all with it. I used after market decals, not really sure how accurate it is but it looks the part to me.
Admiral Prune 2.JPG
Admiral Prune 3.JPG
Admiral Prune 5.JPG
Admiral Prune 6.JPG
Admirasl Prune 11.JPG
Thanks. I am working on another now and have the same problem as I had with this one. I can't seem to find a good picture showing the colors for the landing gear. The one I have in progress now is a Mk I., 300 Polish Sq. from the late summer of 1944.
Thank you for the WWII era picture. I have a walk around book but it has treaded Dunlop tires and restored landing gear that are quite a bit different in color compared to this.
I only hope this Revell one comes out half as good. Ready for some dark earth spray.
Odd way to put the paint on but if it works for you then that's all that matters,
I always do a full coat of brown over the entire model, then mark out/mask up for the green, makes life easier.

Your completed Lanc' looks fab, I'd be proud of that one.

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