100 years Airport Freiburg (Germany)

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Awesome I will deffinatly be there! I will drive down to Freiburg. I have family that lives in Freiburg anyhow.

I will be there deffinatly because I going to take a 45 minute flight in the Ju-52! That would be awesome to fly in the Tante Ju! The flight is a bit expensive at 159 Euros but for a piece of history I do not mind. Besides the cost goes to keeping the aging aircraft in the air and that for me is worth it!
I know, I was allready there. It will most likely turn out to be one of those things whre in the end I dont take the job but I still like to think about building my house and buying my land and paying for it in cash and not having any payments to make.
I hear you and I know it is tempting. I almost did a similar thing when I got out of the air force, great paying job in a crappy location. I thought a while about it. Even though I was single and really had no one counting on me, I opted not to do it. The money would have been nice, but I didn't think it was worth the cost. The nice thing about a mortgage payment is the tax writeoff.
Hi,Adler - 20.-22.july will be a hot weekend.The 20. I'll leave at 5 in the morning
to Tannkosh airshow-the 21. afternoon return to Freiburg to the 100 year show-till 22. in the evening.Do you know the song:I'm walking...

You have to go to Hahnweide too,there are maybe 6 Tante Ju !!
That will be a heavy sound
regards granni
Hi Adler, did you get your photos at Freiburg.
all time good landings
No problem,at--www.badische zeitung.de---and---www.flugplatz freiburg.de--

are some nice pics.

The single acts were great,but the whole show was to little. Only about 100

airplanes, three shops,thats it.

We have an airfield near Lahr in a little village, they have a bigger airshow.

So maybe the next one

good landings



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