2007 Cricket World Cup

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Apr 11, 2005
South East Queensland
Well friends its that time again, the showcase of one day cricket is about to begin. Here is a thread to dicuss all aspects of the series.
I'm obviously backing the reining world champs, Australia, but I don't think they will have it all their way this time around.
Here are the groups and the game dates.
ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 - Cricket Australia

First game, Australia V Scotland, hmm could be close:rolleyes: :lol:
Wild Old Kerry Packer God Rest his Soul will be pleased. Though not a fan of the one dayers. Just allow me to say this

Just be sure it isn't your lot they bowl all out Gnomey. Cricket is a funny old game. One day hot to trot in the office next day mickey mouse with goofy at stumps. Trouble is with us Aussies Gnomey we are a cocky lot, but I suppose you already know that hahaha
Hey but we still play the game Gnomey and part of that game is to put it on you English types when and where we can, You do the same to us Aussies so its only fair turn around Gnomey. One thing we know Gnomey English supportors are not above taking the piss especially of us. So what do we do but turn around and put it right back at you. Its part of good sportmanship Gnomey any way. Unfortunately some on both sides takes it to far and becomes serious to the degree of gamemanship and bad manners Gnomey. Which I feel you would agree with me on that. Hell if we lose the World Cup this year it isn't the end of the world for us. It just means the rest of the Cricket Sporting Nations have caught up with Australia and I wonder why it took so long for those other Nations to do it
Looks like Woolmers death may be murder according to several media sources around to world. Lets hope not, we don't need sh*t like that happening in the game of cricket.

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