2007 Cricket World Cup

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Well we smashed them by 215 runs!! Too easy in the end. Just heard that Jason "Dizzy" Gillespie just made 123 not out for Yorkshire!!:cool:
Lara, fantastic batsmen..........

Australia woah!

I was watching and after Gilly went i was tempted to turn off..

However attack was obviously the mind set of Australia......
Well Australias smashed the South Africans.

MCgrath on a hat trick it was all happening.

I had to get some sleep at the 23 over other wise I would have been recked today lol


SA 149/10

AUS 153/3 in 32over i believe

Well we won, I watched until about 4am and then left it

from what I've read there was a bit of confusion over bad light towards the end of the match. Too many overs to get in before dark it seems.
Ah, all is well in the world of cricket!:lol: I was supposed to work night shift but had a sickie to watch the game! When it rained for the first couple of hours i thougt I had made a big mistke!:lol:
Ashes 5-zip, World Cup 3 in a row. :lol:
What more can I say. Except Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, well done fellas :occasion5: :thumbup:

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